As we’ve seen, your home’s electrical network is capable of diffusing your internet connection in all the rooms, instead, or as a complement of your wifi. All you have to do is go through PLC kits (Power Line Communication), which allow the electrical network to decrypt the computerised signal.

The principle

The PLC allows to transmit computer data through the electrical network in a home. Concretely, all it needs is a PLC adaptor connected to an internet box (where the connection arrives to your house) through an ethernet cable. Them , plug another PLC adaptor in a socket in another room, and connect it to the device on which you need internet. This way it is possible to connect several devices to the web, and connect them to each other in the house network create. You can then, for example, transfer files from one computer to the other.

Main choice criteria

PLC adaptors are sometimes sold as units, but most often as pairs (the minimum to create a network). Your installation and your needs will guide your choice among different styles.

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You can find adaptors which offer 200 Mb (rarer now), but nowadays the norm is more around 500 and 600 Mb/s. 1Gb/s and 2Gb/s models are developing. The announced debits are theoretical and far from real debits. With a 200, you can expect a real debit of 30 to 60 Mb/s according to the distance from the source. But do adapt the capacity to your needs: 200 Mb/s is largely enough to get online and share photos and videos between several computers. To play online or stream films in HD, you should opt for 500 or 600 Mb/s models/

Multiplug kits

If you need to connect several devices in a same room, opt for an adaptor with several ethernet ports. With one adaptor, you could connect a computer, a console and a TV for example

Wifi kit

Some adaptors also serve as wifi relay terminals. They allow you to connect several devices to the wireless internet while benefiting from better debits. Convenient to connect your tablet or smartphone

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Socket on plug

A lot of plugs reproduce the electrical socket which they monopolise: this means you can then plug in any other device or an extension cord, just like on a normal electrical socket.

Good to know

The greater the distance with the modem, the more the debit will fall. Equally, the more adaptors there are, the more the average debit falls.

To optimise the debit, plug adaptors directly on a wall socket (rather than an extension). Choose a model with a “filter” for better debit.

Adaptors are completely compatible from one brand to another. Models with different debit rates can also communicate (except for the old 85 Mb/s ones). Know however that to optimise the debits, you may want to plug the most powerful one on the source (the box or modem).

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