Thinking of a tehcy upgrade and hesitating between the latest tablet, a superlight laptop or a well priced ultra powerful gaming tower? Here is our revue of the benefits and inconvenients of a Desktop PC.

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Let’s take a moment tosalute an elderm the desktop PC, or fixed PC. Around since personal computing (hence “PC”) emerged, the desktop pc has well evolved. First on its form. We are well far from the grey cupboards, and technical progress means everyone can have a computer that fits in a very reasonable tower format. For a while, the only choice available was the tower-screen duo with peripherals (mouse, keyboard, speakers etc). Nowadays, all-in-ones ally compactness and power. We’ll have a look at them a bit further.

– Avantages of the desktop PC (tower format) :

-For a given configuration, it’s the most economic version. Compare a laptop PC and a desktop PC with a similar configuration, and the laptop will always be more expensive.

-They are evolutive. Even without being a big specialist, you can easily change a hardrive, a memory chip, an optical drive, etc.

-Care is easier. Opening the hood off a PC tower (or central unit) to take dust out with a spray is pretty easy – it’s much harder to do on a laptop, for integration reasons.

-The reliability of desktop PCs is usually superior. The two big ennemies of a computer, apart from chocs and liquids of course, are dust and heat. As we’ve seen, battling the first is easy on a tower. The heat output is also easier to control as there is more air circulating between the components. Manufacturers also have more space to place air vents. Plus, they can put more powerful and efficient vents in.


Black Computer Set on Brown Wooden Computer Table
A powerful desktop PC will allow for efficient video editing

– Downsides of desktop PCs (tower format) :

-The space taken is consequent. Between the tower, the wires that accumulate, the multimedia speakers that can take space on the desk – or even under if you have a subwoofer – you are far from the compactness of a laptop.

-connectivity. Things change, and you find more and more desktop computers offering Bluetooth and wifi, but it is not always the case. On some you can add USB Bluetooth or wifi keys, but then you are keeping a USB port occupied.

-As much as desktop can easily evolve, it’s relative. Yes, you can add memory when there is free space on the motherboard, change the hardrive for a SSD, opt for a more powerful graphics card… As the standards for components has not evolved too much these past few years, their replacement is possible. But it is not the same if you want to change your processor. With each new generation comes a new processors, comes a new socket. Simply put, a processor that you buy today may not be compatible with your motherboard which you bought two years ago!

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Let’s talk about the specific case for all-in-ones. On computers of this category, all the components are in the screen. Pioneer here, Apple has a whole range, the iMac, qui allies design and power. But of course you can find all-in-ones in PC world, notably with Asus and HP. All-in-ones have several advantages: A more elegant design on a desk, compactness, simplified installation and disappearance of those big wires… In terms of downsides, they are considerably more expensive than towers. They are not evolutive, for the same integration reasons as laptops. Last but not least, should they fail, that’s them done. Whereas with regular tower components, you can just replace the failing part.

Silver Imac Near White Ceramic Kettle

In conclusion, if you had to buy one device, take:

-A tablet for emails, occasional games, work or a bit of surfing. It will do as a simple and portable solution for communicating, doing a bit of research, watching films and photos and using apps.

-For a more advanced use, such as work, multimedia, some gaming. – all while being portable, the laptop is a good choice. Because it’s easier to type on and has bigger memory, it will make a difference from the tablet for a number of uses. It is more versatile and can handle heavier tasts such as photo or video editing.

-The desktop computer is probably the most versatile. So it’s not that convenient (you can’t carry it, it takes space), it can offer you a very good configuration for the best price – plus it’s evolutive. If you need, an upgrade will further prolong its lifespan.

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